Sports Analytics

One thing to know about me... I'm a huge baseball fan. I've been a die-hard Orioles fan, basically from birth.

With my background in math, computer science, and engineering, I've found that sports– particularly baseball and Formula One racing– are a really cool way to learn about probability and probabilistic methods, and I've been lucky enough to have do some projects on baseball already. This page will be a hub for things I do on sports analytics.

A good place to start would be to check out the first project I did in baseball, for the Saberseminar conference in 2019. There is a two part writeup of the data analysis and the technical formulation of the method at Baseball Prospectus.

I have some projects on the back burner too, now, including behind the scenes baseball research and development for Baseball Prospectus, and some analysis and modeling based on F1 telemetry.